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Great Law School Personal Statements

Feb 13, 2020Law School Personal Statement Examples. Below are two law school admissions essays whose authors were accepted to their top-choice.

  • While never a great athlete, I enjoyed a fair amount of success as a high school basketball player, mostly because I am 6’8” tall.In this case, the best way to perform the essay is to have a bit of professional advice Custom Writing Bay helps in writing personal statements for students applying for admission in law schools.

  • What Personal Statement Examples Get Wrong Starting With A Quote. Many of the law school personal statement examples you will find are organized by starting with a quote. I hate that. You have, in most cases, only 2 pages double spaced to make your case. You have only one first sentence to get the reader interested in YOU.

  • Oct 18, 2021Law school personal statement example 6. Here’s another Yale Law School personal statement, this one written by a student named Michael. “All of you men are alike!” a woman exclaimed from the back of the nursery. “Get away from my baby girl!”

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